In the Summer of 2014, former UW-Parkside Men’s Soccer Coach Rick Kilps approached the RASA Board of Directors about an opportunity to collaborate with The Rick Vacca Memorial Fund to achieve several common goals.

For Coach Kilps, it was to recognize and memorialize his friend, colleague, assistant coach and a long time member of the Racine Soccer Community, Rick Vacca.

For RASA, it was an opportunity to help beautify and improve the facilities as well as create an area that RASA can honor significant contributors to RASA.


Adam Riesz
Al & Pat Posselt
Alex Gyurko
Andy & Linda Vacca
Andy Dubnicka
Ben Lake
Bill Fischer
Bill Haga
Bill Wiedel
Brian Cartledge
Brian Miller
Carl Chomko
Casey Pawlak
Colin Opper
Craig Posselt
Dan Tredo
Dave Johnson
Dave Siers
Derek Kilps
Dmitar “Mitch” Jovic
Gary Meier
Geza Martiny

Greg Fischer
Greg Peters
Greg Walasek
Gus Ricca
Jack Landwehr
Jamie Lieberman
Jason Gould
Jeff Hines
Jeff Medin
Jim Chomko
Jim Spielmann
Joel Bushman
Justin Treverrow
Louie Kirleis
Mark Litton
Matt Hundt
Matt Sheahan
Metal World Inc.
Mike Asen
Mike Kennedy
Milan Vidakovich
Neil Couch

Niall Power
Oscar Toscano
Peter Gyurko
Pheng Vang
Racine Area Soccer Association
Racine United Soccer Club
Ray Heniff
Rich Blay
Rick & Mary Kilps
Riley Mewes
Ryan Lockhart
Sergio Correa
Seth Pearson
Stan Anderson
Stefan Waltermann
Steve Donovan
Steve Kratchovil
Steve Ybarra
Sue Vacca & Children
Thom Peer
Tom Czop
Troy Troskey
Winter Concrete LLC